Dancing Paws Heads West!

Rally Free Video Competition, Fryeburg!

Sunday, February 22, 2015


WHAT IS IT? A RallyFree video competition is a friendly, casual, simple way to get started competing in RallyFree. This is not a competition between teams but rather a way to progress towards titling your dog. You can even video your run independently of the event as long as it meets the criteria.

REGISTRATION: Teams must be registered with RallyFree in order to compete (yes, there's time, but do it soon).  First year membership and lifetime registration of the first dog is $42 and will allow you to enter future competitions, even if you elect not to renew your membership. Members pay a reduced entry fee for competitions and are eligible for additional benefits. Registration is made through the RallyFree website (link below)

THE COURSE: You will be provided the course a week prior to the event so you and your dog can practice the behaviors you will need for this competition. While you are not allowed to use food or toys during the competition, you can use them in training as much as you desire! 

RING SIZE: Ring space is approximately 42 x 50.

WHY COMPETE? Like many other dog sports, RallyFree has different levels: novice, intermediate, advanced and championship. There are specific criteria to meet for each level in order to successfully complete a course and move up to the next level. This is a fun, supportive sport, and this is the perfect way to get your feet wet, so to speak. It's a nice, structured way to help us each progress as individual teams and to work towards clear goals. Here's more info:

Here's a link to a novice level video competition run:

COMPETITION COST: the space rental cost will be divided up by the number of dogs competing (minimum is 3; maximum 10). When you register for the competition, you will pay a fee of $28 per run.

I urge you to spend some time at the rallyfree.com website and YouTube channel and to join the Yahoo list (link available on the website) if you have questions.