PupStart for Younger Puppies!

Saturday, March 6, 2021

PupStart is hard to get into, we know! The Covid Pandemic has flooded the world with our favorite little beings and each one would greatly benefit from attending the amazing PupStart Program. Because we are a small program, we are booking out several months in advance. This means by the time a new puppy owner decides to look into enrolling her puppy into PupStart, she can't get in for at least month and sometimes longer. The good news is that it just got easier to get your young puppy into PupStart. We have created a special booking link just for puppies up to 3 months old and we are reserving 5 spots a day for this younger canine crowd. PupStart will be able to help much younger puppies get the head start they need, when they will most benefit from it.

Click here to enroll your puppy up to 3 months old at PupStart!