Puppy Playgroup with Mallory, GORHAM

Have fun, exercise your pup and get great tips!

Saturdays from 10-11 AM


Let's have fun, exercise your pups and learn about what is and isn't appropriate dog behavior and how to kindly intervene and redirect when necessary. 

Please join us for an indoor Puppy Play Group at REFRESHING PAWS, a boarding and grooming facility, at 132 Brackett Road in Gorham, Maine from 10:00 - 11:00 a.m. for Play Group.
Pups can be up to 7 months old and 33 pounds.
Currently masks will be required as per CDC recommendations.  
One human per puppy, please,  8 Puppies maximum.  
TO HOLD YOUR SPOT:  please go here to pay the $20 fee by Tuesday evening:
The restroom at Refreshing Paws is not conveniently located.  
Please let me know if it’s okay to take photos/ videos of your pup during play group to use on FaceBook and on my web site. 
To prevent jumping on people I will show you how to offer “Welcome Hands” so that a puppy has something to interact with and is less likely to jump up.
Park as close as you can, just not in front of the entrance to Refreshing Paws.   Please hold the spot by the door for me to unload.  :)
When you arrive, please potty your pup in the designated area shown.  Pups will go outside for periodic potty breaks during inside play group. 
Please bring plenty of high-value treats!  A treat pouch is helpful.  You will reward your pup when you restrain them and when you call them to you.  Please have your pup on a regular 6 foot leash (no flexi-leads please) attached to a flat collar with a quick-release, or a body harness.  Please make sure that your pup is not on a buckle collar (and never a chain collar!), as this cannot be removed without cutting it off if another pup gets their jaw caught underneath the buckle collar (yes, this has happened).  
Please remove any flea collars before play as when puppies wrestle they sometimes mouth each other around the neck area.  
Observe “The 3 Second Rule” during play time.  Dogs cannot speak, so to get another dog out of their face they might lift a lip or growl.  This is perfectly normal and fine in dog, and your puppies need to learn how to respond appropriately to the signals from other dogs.  So, if an “argument" breaks out I will count out loud, “One.  Two.  Three!” by which time the fight has usually been resolved.  If it is still going on after 3 seconds then I will intervene and separate.  But we want to give the pups a chance to work things out on their own so they learn from their comrades what is and isn’t appropriate.  
Also, here is a link to my colleague Diana Logan’s Sunday Puppy Power Hour in North Yarmouth:
Thank you and see you soon!

Puppies who are already wrestling and chasing will be separated from those who are building confidence

●  All pups must be current on Parvovirus and Distemper vaccines (Abbreviated "DHPP" or "DAPP").

●  Please bring your pup on a regular 6 foot leash attached to a flat collar or body harness.  You will also need to bring treats!  We will want to reward them for coming when called (during play that can be challenging!) and for when we restrain them to take them back out of the space.