A Day School for Puppies!


[6/8/22. After 8.5 years of offering PupStart, we are taking a Sabbatical]

$70 per day

For puppies up to 6 months and 25#.

Skills. Attention. Focus. Self-control. Appropriate interactions. Socialization. Recall. LOTS MORE. Diana’s lovely 650 sf training studio with outdoor playgrounds in North Yarmouth is just the place for your puppy to spend the day learning important things that will give him a great start. You’ll take home a tired puppy, too! Diana is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer and wants to help you get the best start with your puppy. Her Puppy Playground is full of fun obstacles and other socialization opportunities. Puppyhood doesn’t last for long: capitalize on it now! On-line pre-registration required (click on link below to register).

Note: you must be actively working on regular crate training at night and for at least 2 naps during the day. We do not expect your puppy to be fully crate- or house-trained, but she must be actively working on it at home.

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