Ball Fetish

Happy Super Dog Bowl!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

We share a serious obsession with our canine friends: a passion about moving round things. Balls. Balls of all sizes and colors and textures incite incredible excitement from both species.

The big difference between us, however, is the fact that dogs would not be happy sitting on the sidelines simply watching the action from afar. No, no - they are sports fans in the real sense of the term - active participants! Sure, they might be thrilled with the caloric snacks, the party atmosphere and general excitement, but we know from experience that sitting and watching a flickering box just isn't on their list of fun things to do.

Our Astro has a definite preference for tennis, but not the game; just the yellow round thing. I'm pretty sure he'd go bonkers seeing his beloved toy fly back and forth without getting caught. Keeping a ball in the air is the very antithesis of a dog's mission.

Despite this difference, I believe our shared obsession with balls and games is a big reason behind the incredibly special human/canine bond.

If our predator dog were to play a sport involving a ball, I wonder which one would most accurately reflect who they are?

On this 47th Superbowl Sunday, think of your 4-legged sports fans and get out and play some ball!