There is so much information out there; it can be confusing to know which books, sites and resources are good ones.

Here are some excellent resources for training and care, puppy information, recommended reading and more. Dig in!

“Dogs That” - Susan Garrett, Canada


Milne and Mutt, England


Dog Training Academy of south Florida


Happy Hounds Dog Training, Canada


Train me Please, Australia


Zak George, New Orleans


Donna Hill


Legends Dog Training, California


Fact Academy


Whole Dog Journal

Kids and Dogs

The Safe Dogs Safe Kids Project

Living with Kids and Dogs

Family Paws Parent Education

Book: “Raising Puppies and Kids Together,” by Pia Silvani

Book: “Don’t Lick the Dog,” by Wendy Wahman

Fearful Dogs


Association of Pet Dog Trainers

ASPCA: Behavior

YouTube: Kikopup


Book: “Puppy Start Right"


YouTube: Kikopup

LoLaBuland Experience training videos


Hilarious educational videos about diseases, pests and other fun nasties

The Whole Dog Journal

Dog Aware

See Spot Live Longer


Portland Trails

Downeast Dog News publication

Local Training Centers

Telling Tails Training Center, Fryeburg

Tree Frog Farm Dog Training, North Yarmouth

Favorite authors

Steve Brown (food)

Suzanne Clothier

Jean Donaldson

Temple Grandin

Debra Jacobs (fearful dogs)

Alexandra Kurland (clicker training for horses)

Patricia McConnell

Nicole Wilde (fearful dogs)

Sophia Yin

Must reads for all dog owners

“The Other End of the Leash,” by Patricia McConnell

“How to Behave so your Dog Behaves,” by Sophia Yin