Puppy Power Hour!

Frolic and Learn at Puppy Power Hour!

10:30-11:30AM or 12-1PM for pups up to 40# and 6 mos



VIDEO: Puppy Power Hour is a hybrid Socialization/Class session for puppies up to 6 months and 40#

7-8 puppies maximum per session. Pups are divided up according to their individual needs.

Sign up here! (scroll down to "Puppy Power Hour")

Puppy Power Hour is a hybrid Socialization/Class. We know our pups are learning all the time, so it's important to weave training into all aspects of their lives... even play!

We are very happy to be welcoming your puppy to a fun-filled hour at the PupStart Campus - a veritable Puppy Adventure Park! Please do not feed him his breakfast - we want him to be ready and eager to start learning and training the moment he arrives!


The PupStart Campus is comprised of a variety of play areas, from climate-controlled indoor spaces full of fun activities to multiple fenced-in outdoor areas, straw beds, the Puppy Grove with room to run and chase and so much more! In warmer months, kiddie pools of water are available. Best of all, the spaces all contain new experiences specifically designed for your puppy, from varied flooring and objects to small challenges specifically designed to build your puppy's confidence. You will want to become a puppy once you've experienced PupStart!

1012 Sligo Road, North Yarmouth Maine 04097.

3rd house on the left after the intersection with Route 9. Look for the bright blue "1012 PupStart Way" sign at the end of our driveway.

Your puppy will make new friends, learn good canine social skills and good habits all while getting tired out in a safe, fun, vibrant environment, both inside and outside.

Please email petconnectionmaine@gmail.com proof of first set of core vaccinations to ensure a quick check-in. Core vaccinations are: canine distemper (CDV), canine parvovirus 2 (CPV-2, and canine adenovirus 2 (CAV); rabies and kennel cough vaccinations not required.

Note: there is no restroom available. Masking is optional.