Puppy Power Hour!

Sundays 10:30-11:30AM and 12-1:PM for pups up to 40# and 6 mos



VIDEO: Puppy Power Hour is a hybrid Socialization/Class session for puppies up to 6 months and 40#

7-8 puppies maximum per session. Pups are divided up according to their individual needs.

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Puppy Power Hour is a hybrid Socialization/Class. We know our pups are learning all the time, so it's important to weave training into all aspects of their lives... even play!

We are very happy to be welcoming your puppy to a fun-filled hour at the PupStart Campus - a veritable Puppy Adventure Park! Please do not feed him his breakfast - we want him to be ready and eager to start learning and training the moment he arrives!


The PupStart Campus is comprised of a variety of play areas, from climate-controlled indoor spaces full of fun activities to multiple fenced-in outdoor areas, straw beds, the Puppy Grove with room to run and chase and so much more! In warmer months, kiddie pools of water are available. Best of all, the spaces all contain new experiences specifically designed for your puppy, from varied flooring and objects to small challenges specifically designed to build your puppy's confidence. You will want to become a puppy once you've experienced PupStart!

1012 Sligo Road, North Yarmouth Maine 04097.

3rd house on the left after the intersection with Route 9. Look for the bright blue "1012 PupStart Way" sign at the end of our driveway.

Your puppy will make new friends, learn good canine social skills and good habits all while getting tired out in a safe, fun, vibrant environment, both inside and outside.

Please email petconnectionmaine@gmail.com proof of first set of core vaccinations to ensure a quick check-in. Core vaccinations are: canine distemper (CDV), canine parvovirus 2 (CPV-2, and canine adenovirus 2 (CAV); rabies and kennel cough vaccinations not required.

Puppy Power Hour is the Ultimate Puppy Amusement Park

…and it’s a great way to start the day!

Does your puppy have a 640 square foot climate-controlled playroom with numerous toys, games and refreshments where she can participate in fun parties with like-minded friends, all built just for their long-term benefit? How is her physical coordination? Can she master the Instability Course, climb stairs, zoom through tunnels, climb ramps? Features may include a little scooter just for pups, bouncy, slippery, loud and wobbly surfaces to help build confidence and coordination, and a range of other “rides”. Introduce your pup to the grooming table as a fun place to be! Outside, there’s Straw Mountain with “secret passages”, a soft nest of straw to wrestle in with pals, a kiddie pool “boat” to test her sea legs and other fun water hazards to cool off in in the summer. There are multiple fenced-in areas, including a huge back yard. Multiple play areas, both inside and out, ensure your puppy will always feel safe. We never force a pup to interact before she’s ready. 

This is how it works:


puppy is no more than 6 months and 40 lbs

Puppy has had her first set of core vaccinations and is healthy

You come with your puppy, stay with your puppy for the hour

The PupStore has lots of puppy-centric products that can help with raising and training your pup.

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“Can I bring my kids?” YES, as long as they can follow directions and they understand Puppy Power Hour is not to be considered a Kid Amusement Park. The items at Puppy Power Hour are for puppies, not humans. It looks like a kid’s playground, too.

“Can other family members attend?” Yes, sure! It takes a village. It’s great for pups to meet a variety of people as long as it’s a positive experience and we carefully manage interactions.

“Should my puppy eat before coming?” We like pups to be on the hungry side, so if you feed breakfast, go light. Bring treats with you.

“Will my puppy definitely get to play?” This all depends on your puppy and the mix of puppies attending. There’s a very good chance there will be a good playmate for your puppy, but because the group changes each week, it’s not a guarantee.

“What can I do if my puppy doesn’t want to play or doesn’t have a good playmate?” Take advantage of the numerous opportunities to interact with novel items, to practice skill-building, to play games with you. Socialization is much more than playing with other puppies; it’s learning how to feel safe in the world. FOCUS is a skill we need to teach, and Puppy Power Hour is a great venue in which to practice. Plus, you get expert advice on raising your puppy. We love questions!

“What happens if my puppy is too scared?” Through careful management, we can almost always help a puppy learn to find joy at Puppy Power Hour. The Trainer will help create a space in which your puppy feels happy, then we build from there. Occasionally a puppy cannot cope with being in a novel environment and we recommend working with us one-on-one to help the puppy feel better about her world.

Note: there is no restroom available. Masking is optional.