Puppy Power Hour!

Frolic and Learn at Puppy Playgroup!

Sundays from 11 - 12


Weather-dependent. Check website for cancellation notice.


Puppies will have the opportunity to romp in the outside spaces at the PupStart Campus, supervised by two trainers who will weave skill-building into their time. You will get lots of information as you listen to the trainers talk about what they are doing, what body language they are seeing and what skills you can help your pup learn at home. There are multiple spaces for easy separation into small groups. It's the best place around for puppies! Soft places to play, a pile of straw bales to run in, obstacles to navigate - it's a veritable Puppy Adventure Park!

For puppies up to 6 months and 30#
Sundays from 11-12 at the PupStart Campus
1012 Sligo Road, North Yarmouth Maine 04097.
3rd house on the left after the intersection with Route 9

You can be safe from Covid-19 as you are entertained by puppy antics. Your puppy will make new friends, learn good canine social skills and learn some good habits all while getting tired out in a safe, fun, vibrant environment.

Bring proof of first set of core vaccinations (kennel cough and rabies are not required) and proof of deworming or negative fecal results.