I specialize in several different areas, including, but not limited to, those listed below. Be sure to check out my class schedule, too.

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“Diana is that rare breed of trainer who can connect with dogs and people. Not everyone we have worked with over 35 or so years of owning dogs has the ability to do that. She does an exceptional job of ‘shaping behavior’ so teaching is broken down into a sequential process. We have found working with Diana to be instructive and fun. We've had a number of dogs and always trained them well, but Diana has taught us how to think outside the box and do even more with our dog than we ever imagined we could do.” Steve & Joyce Bell, Yarmouth

Puppy Classes

Did you know that your dog already knows how to do everything you want him to do? Think about it… you’ve seen him sit, lie down, stay, look at you…. the challenge is in how to communicate these things to your dog when you’d like him to do them.

A Foundations class will teach you how to communicate with your dog in a way that he understands, resulting in efficient, mutually-rewarding training. Focus is on focus - how to positively condition your dog to be attentive to you (which requires attentiveness from you). We work on eye contact, self-control exercises, management, sit, down, loose leash walking, come.. and more…

RallyFree and Canine Musical Freestyle


RallyFree Elements combines the freedom of freestyle, the joy of tricks and movement and the foundation of solid "obedience" behaviors. It's a wonderful way to get on the right paw before embarking on Freestyle.

Canine Musical Freestyle: The ULTIMATE in dog training.

Click here to see my "King of the Road" Routine from my first freestyle competition in September 2014 in Newtown, CT.

Freestyle is the perfect blend of all of the above and there’s no end to what is possible. Freestyle is FREEDOM of movement. Side passing, backing up, spinning, weaving, close heeling, directional changes, jumping…. these are but a few movements in Canine Freestyle. If you are like me, you aren’t skilled at dancing, but if your dog is like most dogs, he’s a talented dancer and will relish what freestyle has to offer.

Diana was awarded the 2023 RFE “Poetry in Motion Award” for 2023 in honor of Cassandra Hartman

“Diana Logan is another amazing freestyler whose accomplishments are awe-inspiring. Since starting with RFE over ten years ago, and much to our delight, Diana has shared her dancing Poodles with us, earning 23 titles in Freestyle, InSync or RallyFrEe. Just in the last few years, though, she has really come into her own in how she interprets the music and expresses that interpretation through her movement. She took us to Paris, shared a gypsy waltz and showed us what it is like to be a country boy. Congratulations, Diana, for being awarded the 2023 Poetry in Motion award.” Julie Flanery, founder of RFE


Canine Freestyle highlights the strengths and abilities of the individual dog. Precise communication is developed and learning freestyle is a great way to hone your dog training skills…and for your dog to become the super well-rounded and physically conditioned athlete he knows he can be! Tricks and freestyle movements can offer fantastic physical therapy to dogs.

I am a founding member of Dancing Paws, Maine’s first canine freestyle club. Visit us at Dancing Paws: Maine's Canine Freestylers on Facebook or write dancingpawsmaine@gmail.com

Handling/Cooperative Care/Low-Stress Handling

We cannot properly care for our dogs if we cannot easily handle them.

Is your dog a difficult patient at the groomer’s? Is it “impossible” to trim his nails? Is he unmanageable when you want to give him a bath or hard to handle when you want to do any handling of his body, legs or feet?

It doesn’t have to be this way. If your dog currently has to be held down or restrained against his will in order to be handled, the path will just get more difficult with each negative experience he has. His trust will corrode and that can have long-term effects. It’s not too late to change course and help change your dog’s mind about being handled. But don’t delay… the longer you wait, the harder it will get.

You will probably think I’m twisted when I tell you that I LOVE to trim dogs’ nails. It’s the ultimate expression of trust when a dog willingly allows his nails to be trimmed, teeth to be scraped, ears examined, etc. Here at “Camp Logan” our dogs consider nail trimming, bathing, grooming and full-body clipping to be competitive sports: whichever dog is there first gets to go first! It’s only with positive reinforcement that you can achieve this deep trust and bond. (click here to find out all about the importance of maintaining your pup's nails... and how to do it, without a struggle!)

“I love working with Diana. She made training fun for me and inspired me to do more. She taught me all about “dog body language” and what the different signs mean. For example, a dog will present the part of their body that he wants to be rubbed. She also taught me about positive handling; the everyday importance of it and that it creates a deeper bond between the owner and dog. My favorite thing is the great tips she has given me on positive reinforcement training and dog tricks." 12 year old Julia of Cape Elizabeth. Julia is now applying what she has learned to her cat Whisker, whom she is clicker training


Life is a Box of Tricks.

Help your Dog be all that he can BE.

Dogs are brilliant. Brilliant at problem solving and experimentation. Teaching tricks teaches you how to become a better trainer and to get to know your dog better. Teaching tricks teaches your dog how to learn and think in complex ways... and to get to know you better. Teaching tricks builds confidence, muscles, flexibility, coordination, stamina, balance and emotional bonds. Teaching tricks teaches a dog to learn to use his body in different ways and be conscious of his own behavior in truly amazing detail. Everything your dog needs to know, whether it’s obedience work, agility, learning to overcome fears or learning plain good pet dog manners, he can learn through tricks. We tend to approach “obedience” work very seriously and tricks training with a sense of humor, but from a dog’s perspective there should be no difference between “work” and play.

“My spouse signed me up for “tricks training”, so I was skeptical about the value of such at first. Aren’t the basic sit-down-stay-come-heel commands sufficient? However, I learned that besides providing my dog and me with a source of bonding and fun, tricks training provides mental exercise and behaviors that carry over into the sit-down-stay-come-heel world. I’m diligent about my dog’s physical training, and I learned to be equally vigilant about her mental training. Like most dogs, mine is smart and playful, and tricks training channels these two traits into the development of a happier, more well-rounded dog who relates to people and her environment in positive ways. And we really did have fun!” Mark Mersereau with “Sadie,” Cape Elizabeth


Wrangling Services for Print and Video

I can find the right dog with the right stuff to fill your acting needs! I have worked with several production companies on small and large-scale productions for both print-only and video productions. Clients have included several JCrew projects (JCrew "Chino Remix" with 5 dogs) as well as Hulu's "Wild Crime; Blood Mountain”, and CU Promise: “Puppy Goals” SuperBowl television ad.

Whether you need a dog for your next play, for a commercial bit or to feature in print, I can help find and train your canine actor. My almost 20 years actively training and teaching dogs and their people have amassed hundreds of potential canine actors!


PupStart! A Day School for Puppies (no longer in operation, but here's to the memories!)

[3/14-8/22] After over 8 years of offering PupStart, we are taking a Sabbatical.

A learning day school just for puppies up to 6 months old and 25 pounds. $70 for the day.

It's like a Montessori School for puppies!

PupStart isn't your ordinary day care: it's specifically tailored to the needs of young puppies and is where your puppy gets a jump-start on important skills such as focus, impulse control, attention, "the basics" such as sit, down, stay - all integrated into managed fun and games that maximize learning while fulfilling each puppy's individual needs. Your puppy will interact in a well-managed, safe and vibrant environment with other young dogs his age as well as with a few select adult dogs. This is not a replacement for a puppy class, but is a fantastic way to get those good habits established and prevent bad ones from taking hold. We love to see individual puppies blossom and learn!

Monday - Wednesday from 8-4. $70 for the day. Drop-off must be by 8:15 AM (early and very early arrivals are welcome). Pickup is between 3 and 4 unless otherwise arranged.

What your puppy will experience (all-inclusive):

Careful, managed socialization with other puppies and a few select adult dogs. Great care is taken to match your puppy with appropriate partners.

Soft areas on which to play and wrestle with each other. No bare concrete floors at PupStart!

A variety of safe, creative and enriching environments, inside and out.

•   640 sq ft climate-controlled studio full of fun obstacles to strategically introduce your puppy to unpredictable surfaces, wobbly objects, tunnels, wheeled objects, etc.

•   2,000 sq ft outdoor Playground with straw bales, kiddy pools, and other fun, interactive objects.

•   3,000 sq ft Puppy Grove; a fenced wooded area adjacent to the Playground

•   The Big Yard (a 1/2 acre, fully-fenced yard)

•   2 miles of Puppy Explorer Trails (unfenced) with lovely bridges and a small stream.

A variety of chews to help keep your puppy happy while crated or separated.

Hundreds of small, high-quality, high-value, healthy treats, homemade and purchased.

Introduction to nail trimming and grooming, including clippers (by request)

One-on-one training by Diana Logan, Certified Professional Dog Trainer, Knowledge-Assessed (CPDT-KA).

Skills: polite greetings (no jumping), attention and focus on handler, come when called, down on mat, door etiquette, introduction to clicker training, concept of release cue and stay, separation, crating, cooperative care/handling, taking treats gently, eye contact, and so very, very much more!

Crate training. Your puppy needs plenty of sleep. Your puppy will get 3 naps per day: good practice for separation at home, learning to chill, etc.

PupStart Requirements:

  • puppy is no more than 25#
  • puppy is under 6 months of age
  • puppy has had a clean fecal test within 4 weeks or has been on a dewormer in the last 4 weeks. Please provide proof of this.
  • puppy has had first set of core vaccinations. Core vaccinations are: canine distemper (CDV), canine parvovirus 2 (CPV-2, and canine adenovirus 2 (CAV). Rabies and kennel cough vaccinations not required.
  • you are actively working on regular crate training at night and for at least 2 naps during the day
  • the sign-up must be done on-line and you understand and agree to the cancelation policy and waiver